November 28, 2017

Dear Friends,

Already It’s Giving Tuesday in Zurich and I am suffering from Jet Lag. SO here’s the deal:

2018 for me is going to be the year of BLACK ART.

Patron, donor, investor, consultant. ALL OF IT (check my 3-date itinerary for Ailey week of Dec 17 alone—it’s the ramp up).

I’ve put my own money where my mouth is, really and have been quietly working towards a thing: a privately/individually invested fund for Black arts and culture organizations called BLACK ART FUTURES FUND.

Joining me in the struggle, and too, investing in the FUTURE OF BLACK ART are the following Executive Board Members: Ope Bukola, chair; Ed Brockhoff, Rickey Laurentiis, and Jessica Lynne.

Combined we have contributed or pledged over $12,000 towards our $30,000 ambitious goal of individual support to be able to distribute GENERAL OPERATING GRANT DOLLARS to small Black arts orgs. We’ve partnered with Brooklyn Community Foundation to hold the money in a Donor Advised Fund/Giving Circle until we are ready to designate the investments to vetted organizations.

Emerging philanthropists will find in BLACK ART FUTURES a model that is social, educational, and impactful. There will be opportunities for board matching & training, VIP Black art access and more. Join our Steering Committee for exclusive access or donate any amount and be a part of the movement still. 

Black art orgs, and orgs centering Black arts and culture will have access to professional services in the areas of fundraising and stabilization in addition to the granted dollars with a contribution towards those services. Grant + Stipend! (Interested orgs, please send a note to

We will distribute our first round of grants with grant amounts in the range of $2,000 to $6,000 in SPRING 2018. Additional grants and award amounts will be contingent on YOU and helping us spread the word and investing BIG in representational + transformational Black Art & Culture. 

Folks who give a minimum of $250.00 to the foundation and indicate Black Art Futures Fund and notify us before December 31 will receive a custom made Black Arts Calendar 2018 (image below).

We are the revolution. Lifting each other as we climb,


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