DéLana R.A. Dameron is an artist who believes in the power of storytelling to move people and resources to cultural missions.

As a writer, DéLana’s second collection of poems Weary Kingdom (2017) is part of the University of South Carolina Palmetto Poetry Series, edited by Nikky Finney. Dameron’s debut collection How God Ends Us (2009) was selected by Elizabeth Alexander for the 2008 South Carolina Poetry Book Prize. She has conducted readings, workshops and lectures all across the United States, Central America and Europe. In addition to a Bachelor of Arts in History, Dameron holds a Master of Fine Arts in Poetry from New York University where she was a Goldwater Hospital Writer’s workshop fellow, and was named the 2018 Summer Poet in Residence at the University of Mississippi, Oxford. She is currently working on a short-story collection REDWOOD COURT.

As a creative culture-maker with more than 15 years of experience, DéLana’s storytelling practice forms the bedrock of her fundraising expertise and organizational strategy for cultural institutions and projects so that they can continue to bring beauty into the world, build up our communities, and provide meaningful spaces for cultural + artistic transformation.

After 13 years abroad in New York City, she returned in 2019 to her native Columbia, South Carolina.