Olive's Classroom

Olive’s Classroom is an online learning platform that provides training opportunities for nonprofit arts workers interested in building their knowledge base in topics such as fundraising, board development, and telling their nonprofit narrative.

Direct Client Services

Red Olive Culture Commons is excited to help you strategize about new and long-term ways to mobilize people and resources to your mission. We believe that everyone, no matter the organization or project size, should have access to professional strategists and fundraisers, and provide different modes of working to make it possible for you to fund your work.


Black Art Futures Fund

Black Art Futures Fund (BAFF) provides general operating support for small Black-led arts & culture nonprofits or fiscally sponsored projects with an operating budget of $500K or less. ⁠Black Art Futures Fund recipients receive more than just a grant, but support from the entire Red Olive universe through Olive’s Classroom, access to direct client services, and financial support from individual donors and small business donors who support the grant pool.

Nurture Neighborhoods

In 2020, Red Olive explored granting opportunities for groups, collectives, and organizations embedded in Southern & Southeastern communities not within an established “cultural district.” Our goal was to infuse these collectives with funding that would allow them to execute the final stages of a project that otherwise might not be for lack of resources. Providing funds for specific, small-scale projects (rather than larger, long-term projects) also reduced the need for other folks to buy into the project and the possibility that the scope of the project would change.


DEEP in the Work Podcast

DEEP in the Work is a praise song and conversation series dedicated to the invisible labor of the field, the work of the Black Arts and Culture Worker—the folks in the admin offices who write the grants, create the pivot tables, administer the grants, manage the projects, pay the artists, so that we may enjoy some beauty and culture in the world. DEEP IN THE WORK is a project of DéLana R.A. Dameron, founder of Red Olive Culture Commons & Black Art Futures Fund.


A space for storytelling, where our founder, arts workers, and artists across the country can share their experiences of being in the field.