Welcome to the Culture Commons

Dear Friends,

I won’t bury the lede. We are now Red Olive Culture Commons.

Being an artist whose main medium is words, it’s been a source of conflict for me for some time to know that a universe as dynamic, movable, and encompassing as Red Olive’s also called itself a “consulting firm” (emphasis mine), which meant that folks either:

  1. Had an incorrect idea of our specific and collaborative interventions, and only through the lens of consultant: an often fully external third party who swoops in, waves a magic wand or creates a pretty PDF, and leaves the org in a trail of dust (often, interestingly, it is this moment when RO team has stepped in with organizations);


  1. Never considered the full scope of what we’re up to at Red Olive: podcasts, research & organizational community listening, field-learning, residency way-making, convening. All of this and more is connected to the project formerly called Red Olive Creative Consulting.

So, to tell the best story of who we are and our Due North (moving people and resources towards the preservation of culture and communities) required me to consider a first impediment: our name.

Definitely, a rose by any other name will still smell as sweet. We still aspire to be the central space—the Commons—that you’ll turn to for the work of advancing culture.

And that you’ll come back, and back, and stay a while, pushing ideas forward and transforming with us the creative cultural communities we need. 

Look for us here: www.redoliveculture.com 

Please stay tuned for exciting new projects and programs—at the culture commons. 

In Black Love & Culture—

P.S. Special shout out to my Communications team Emily & Yasmin for this important and necessary work!